" A company dedicated to providing aerial photo and video services nationwide with Drones."

" Development of competent Software, with integral capabilities, managing to analyze, design, build, execute and control information systems, giving innovative solutions to specific problems."

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Creatively focused, Strategically Driven.



What is the use of creating a good brand if you do not help it express itself?

We find the right way to communicate what your brand should say, in the correct language and in the way in which your audience would like to hear it and / or see it. For this, before we carefully analyze the behavior of your consumers and the moves of your competition to find a way to combat them and create the right strategy that allows you to have the market in your hands before they even have time to realize it.

Social Media

We make it impossible to stop talking about your brand. Through a calculating online marketing, we get you to enter the life of your audience and interact directly with them to get to know them closely and manage to manipulate them, forgive them, make them fall in love.

Web development

Having an attractive space on the web is as important as having a physical space to receive your customers, especially if your business depends mainly on this.
We know how to design and program the ideal space on the web so that your customers have a pleasant experience and get what they are looking for easily. To circumvent the limits of the borders and to make brands reach anywhere is one of the things we know best.

Filming and recordings Aereas

We are dedicated to Aerial professional filming with last generation Drones devices, we serve professionals in the audiovisual sector (advertising, film and TV producers), as well as individuals who need any audiovisual service with Professional Drones.

We are different: a young and dynamic company, within the sector of work with drones we only dedicate ourselves to audivisual, being aware that focusing only on our work we can give 100% in our work, we adapt to your audiovisual project whatever your We are specialized in recording with drones for TV and series as well as realities either in Bolivia or abroad, all kinds of cinematography with drones, we attend and study projects for all types of production companies.

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